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What’s In a Name?

Image Courtesy of Pennsylvania Academy
of the Fine Arts.
David Sherman, the founder of the firm, was born and raised in southern New Jersey, an area steeped in Native American and colonial history.

Prior to the arrival of Europeans, native Americans inhabited an area on the banks of the Cohansey River in New Jersey. The Cohanzicks, as they were known, are ancestors of the Nanticoke and Lenape families, which remain in the area of their ancient homeland to the present day. In the mid-17th century, the tribal nation signed a land grant resolving conflicts with the new settlers. Interestingly, the Chief of the Cohanzicks did not participate and the name "Cohanzick" is believed to mean "that which is taken out." In June of 1995, tribal elders and citizens fulfilled their ancestral charge; reclaiming 28 acres of land to be set aside as "Sacred."

The story of the Cohanzicks is one of commitment, patience and perseverance, traits which characterize the firm's core values and investment philosophy. Inspired by the independent thinking and courage of this Native American tribe, David chose to name his firm Cohanzick Management.